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3/7/2024 - NOTICE: Information on residential water valves within BCMUD

Dear Brushy Creek residents,

We would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness about District-owned valves and meters that are connected to all homes’ service lines within the BCMUD.

In all BCMUD residential areas, the meter box is situated near the property line between two residences. From the meter box, the customer service lines lead to each house. Knowing the location of your service line may come in handy in the future if you encounter any leaks. The line between the street and the meter box is the District’s responsibility. The service line from the meter to the home is the resident’s responsibility.

The guide to the right identifies which mechanisms attached to the service lines are OK for residents to adjust, and which are not.

*If you need your District-owned valve adjusted, you must contact Customer Service at 512-255-7871, option 1, to schedule a Brushy Creek team member to shut off or reinstate water service.

Why District valves and District meters should not be adjusted:

District meters and valves are the property of the BCMUD. Tampering with District-owned property is tampering with a public water system and can result in damage. Therefore, District regulations forbid tampering with the public water system. Residents who tamper with the public water system are subject to fines. In addition to fines levied for tampering, residents may also be responsible for costs accrued if the tampering results in any damage.

Why Customer Shut-off Valves are important:

Residents should locate their customer shut-off valve before an emergency such as a water leak occurs.

Many homes in the District are equipped with a customer shut-off valve, but some are not. We strongly recommend that residents living in homes without customer shut-off valves have one installed on their service line by a bonded plumber. BCMUD will not implement fines or other penalties for tampering with the public water system if the installation is done by a bonded plumber.

Water leaks are one example of an unwelcome occurrence in residential homes. Without a customer shut-off valve, residents must wait for a District professional to come to their home and shut off the water. This can result in much more extensive and costly repair work. Therefore, the main benefit of a customer shut-off valve on a service line is that it allows homeowners to shut off their water quickly. This can save money by greatly reducing damage caused by excessive leaking water.

For any questions please reach out to Customer Service at 512-255-7871, option 1, or email customerservice@bcmud.org.

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