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2/20/2024 - SPOTLIGHT: Let's go fishing in the District!

Dear Brushy Creek MUD residents:

You may or may not already know that we have two neighborhood fishing spots within our District. One is at Southern Cross Pond, on the corner of Great Oaks and O’Connor Drives. The other is at the duck pond at Shirley McDonald Park, on the corner of Great Oaks Drive and Brushy Creek Road.

On Feb. 15, representatives from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department restocked both spots with about 300 rainbow trout per pond.


Isaiah Ringen, a hatchery technician with TPWD who helped stock the trout, said the fish range between 8 and 10 inches, and they are great for residential fishing areas because they are easy to catch and cook at home.

“Texas Parks and Wildlife has been doing this program since the 1960s,” Ringen said. “It’s part of our efforts to bring good fishing [opportunities] to anyone and everyone. Today we’re stocking a game fish that’s really good to eat, and we encourage everyone to come on out and catch them.”

Some of the most successful and popular fishing spots are those that are adjacent to neighborhoods, just like the Southern Cross and Shirley McDonald ponds, he said.

Ringen added that TPWD annually restocks nearly 200 neighborhood fishing spots throughout Texas with rainbow trout.

“From all of the sites that I’ve stocked in these neighborhood ponds, the turnouts have always been great,” he said. “Usually there’s anglers waiting for us; a lot of folks with their kiddos; some people are fishing for the first time.”

Echoing Ringen, BCMUD Parks and Recreation Manager Angela Niemiec said the District’s two fishing ponds have provided a great way to spend time in the community for several years.

“We wanted to stock the ponds in time for the Presidents Day holiday, but really, these ponds make great fishing spots year-round,” Niemiec said. “Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been fishing for years, our fishing spots are a wonderful part of the many outdoor activities we offer within the BCMUD.”

For more information on District and TPWD fishing regulations, click here.

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