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3/13/2023 - Update regarding BCMUD’s assistance with winter storm brush debris removal **Updated 3/14/23**

*Updated 3/14/23*

Hello Brushy Creek Community

The Board of Directors and the District’s management team met Thursday night and reviewed the preliminary plan for rollout of the District’s assistance with the residential winter ice storm debris.  The District’s assistance program will begin on Sunday, March 19, 2023.

What’s the plan?

  1. The District’s role:
    • The District purchased a commercial grade chipper on 3/06/2023. 
    • We will utilize the chipper to mulch residential debris from the ice storm.
    • District staff are trained on use of the new chipper and work schedules are being finalized.
    • A location in the District’s Community Center greenbelt area will be established to receive and chip the brush.  See designated hours and drop off area below for additional information.

  2. The Resident’s role:
  • Residents will be responsible for delivering their residential winter storm debris to their designated location, and on their designated days.
    • The Brushy Creek neighborhoods have been segmented into Sections for scheduling purposes. 
  • A chart will be published shortly with the order of Sections identified. This chart will be updated daily to identify which Sections can deliver material. Dates may change based upon the efficiency of the process, but the order of Sections will not.
  • Concerns regarding your drop off date should be sent to brushcleanup@bcmud.org
  • Proof of residency must be provided as this service is only available to Brushy Creek MUD residents. 
  • If a contractor is assisting a resident with the transport of their brush, proof of residency must still be provided. The District is working on a way to do this.

 Details to manage an orderly project: 

  1. Hours of Operation:

The District will control the hours of brush drop off to ensure that the project is safe and manageable.  Hours of operation have been established and there will be no afterhours drop offs.

  • Sunday - Tuesday & Thursday - Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm  CLOSED every Wednesday.
  • Closed Sunday April 9th.
  • Weather related issues will be communicated as they arise.
  • Adjustments to this plan will be made as necessary.

    2. Designated Route and Drop-off area:

Access to the Community Center’s west-side parking lot will be managed to provide for easy access to the designated drop-off area.  Safety is a very important component of this project so the District will be proactive in monitoring traffic issues, and limiting access to the chipping equipment.


    3. Projected Completion Date

The District is committed to utilizing the chipper for residential winter ice storm debris through April 8, 2023.  After this date, the District will address storm related debris and damage on District properties including our 17 parks, trails systems, and many greenspaces; many are currently closed to the public for safety concerns. To meet our goals, the District will:


  • Continually evaluate the project.
  • Adjust hours and procedures as necessary
  • Continually communicate to the Brushy Creek community 

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