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3/6/2023 - Update: BCMUD has acquired a commercial-grade chipper **Posted 3/6/23**

Update: BCMUD has acquired a commercial-grade chipper


The District is pleased to announce that we acquired a commercial-grade chipper for District maintenance operations. We plan to make it available for chipping residential brush debris caused by the recent winter ice storm (details on the process to be provided soon).


The District maintains vast green space areas that include 16 parks, 7 miles of trails, protected karst areas, and many greenbelts set aside as designated nature-space. We also have a landscape maintenance agreement with Williamson County to maintain the medians along Great Oaks Drive. All of these areas include many trees. 


Currently, the District utilizes contracts with vendors to assist with the maintenance and care of these areas and to provide enhanced fire protection within the District’s property through performing shaded fuel breaks.


Since the winter ice storm, the availability to rent or acquire chippers or other debris removal equipment has been severely limited. Last week, the District located a Vermeer Texas-Louisiana commercial grade AX17 brush chipper. This brush chipper can improve our maintenance operations processes and potentially reduce some costs associated with outsourcing certain services.  


We are currently working on the logistical details for coordinating an assistance plan to use the District’s new chipper for residential winter ice storm brush removal.  

  • Residents will bring their brush to a designated area  
  • The coordination plan we are developing includes: 
    • Training District staff on the new equipment 
    • Identifying when residents can drop off their brush 
    • Hiring additional seasonal staff 
    • Purchasing or renting additional equipment as necessary
    • Working with Williamson County and RRISD regarding traffic flow and many other factors involved with such a large project.
  • We anticipate this plan will be rolled out next week after a review by the District’s management and Board of Directors on Thursday (March 9) night. 


Please understand that this assistance program will likely take months to complete. As always, if you want to remove your winter ice storm debris much quicker, you can utilize additional options provided on the District’s website. 


Remember to check the District’s website; it is the best source for information on the District’s assistance with the winter ice storm brush removal.  

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