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2/27/2023 - What can you do with your debris **Posted 2/27/23**** Updated 3/4/23**

What can you do with your debris:

**Update 3/4/23**

Update regarding the District’s assistance with resident storm brush debris removal:

As described in the update provided to the Brushy Creek MUD community last week on 2/27/2023, the District stepped back in assisting residents with winter ice storm brush debris removal in order to evaluate other more financially viable options. 

Last night, the Brushy Creek MUD Board of Directors met to review several promising options.  We believe that we have found at least one option that is both financially viable for assisting the community with the winter storm brush removal, and, will  meet the District’s continuing needs for ongoing maintenance operations. 

We are hoping to finalize purchase of the equipment early this coming week, and will provide a more complete update once we acquire possession.

Please continue to check the District’s website at www.bcmud.org for future updates.


Monday February 27, 2023

On Thursday, February 23, the Brushy Creek MUD Board of Directors met and evaluated the results of our recent project with Good Guys Tree Service. Unfortunately, their service level response didn’t meet the District’s expectations; therefore, we didn’t extend the contract.

The Brushy Creek MUD is part of a large unincorporated area in Williamson County without the same responsibilities nor resources as a city. The BCMUD is responsible for providing water, wastewater, drainage, and parks and recreation services for our community. In addition, the District coordinates solid waste (trash) collection services. Although brush removal is the homeowner’s responsibility, the District stepped forward to assist with brush removal due to the extreme devastation of the winter ice storm.

However, after considering our vendors’ capabilities, and potential costs exceeding $500,000, the Board has stepped back to reevaluate viable financial options, if any exist. Options include:

  • Evaluating technology such as air burners to eliminate brush waste,
  • Developing an RFP for a comprehensive brush removal solution,
  • Requesting the County to extend Landfill hours and eliminate homeowner fees,
  • Facilitating community-based groups for debris cleanup.

What can you do with your debris right now?

Stay tuned for regular updates. The District welcomes your feedback and any suggestions you may have to facilitate cleanup; please email brushcleanup@bcmud.org with your suggestions. Be sure to check the District’s website at www.bcmud.org.

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