1/11/2018 - Upcoming Board Meeting Highlights

Upcoming Board Meeting Highlights

The following items plus other District business will be discussed at the Board of Directors' meeting on January 11, 2018. For more information view our Public Meeting Web Portal.

• Approve CP&Y agreement related to GIS mapping services of District’s water line
• Approve Resolution modifying signators on East West Bank Investment account
• Approve Marlins and Stingrays swimming pool use agreements
• Approve Parks Rate Order related to changes to swimming pool lane rental and swim meets
• Approve MRB Group proposal for services related to Sanitary Sewer System video inspection certification and GIS mapping
• Discuss improvements to maintenance yard: engineering and design services and Crown Castle request for cell tower lease expansion and lease term
• Discuss 2018 BBQ Plans
• Discuss Community Center expansion project related to change order #10 concerning Teen Area seating; exhaust fan shut off and fire exit lights
• Discuss Employee Benefit package
• Adopt Resolution approving GASB 54 Reserves
• Discuss sale of District land
• Discuss ESD #2 request to terminate obligation to construct sidewalk improvements

Board Meeting Packets