7/28/2011 - • 07/28 Volleyball Hitter-Blocker Camp

Volleyball Hitter-Blocker Camp
July 28

If you can serve, you can hit! If you can jump, you can block!
This camp will focus on all aspects of hitting and blocking; the basic footwork, how to get the most lift out of your approach, hitting the
less-than-perfect set, backrow attacking, team hitter coverage, transitioning from a hitter to a blocker, and blocking both single and with a teammate. This camp is brought to you by Coach Deborah Newkirk of Rule 13 Athletics.

Ages: 5th - 8th grades - 9am - 11am
9th - 12th grades - 12pm - 2pm

Fees: Members $75  Residents $80  Non-residents $90

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