Learn to Conserve



Kids can learn and help conserve too!

Teach a child to save water and create a lifelong conservationist!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other national and local agencies provide useful tools for kids and families to learn together on how to conserve water.  Water Conservation is a group effort and the District appreciates all Residents who help in conserving as much water as possible.

Below are links to learn how your family uses water and what you can do together to help conserve water every day.  Remember that every little bit counts each time you conserve water.  The activities or links located in this section and at the bottom of this page (Eartheasy,Watersense) can help engage discussion with your children on what your family can do to help be more "Water Smart"!

Here are some kid friendly links and activities about water and water conservation:

Family activities recommended for children in grade levels PreK - 2:

Family activities recommended for children in grade levels 3 - 5 or older:
Activity - "A Day in the life of a drop" sponsored by EPA

      See what our neighbor's are doing about water conservation and other helpful links to be more "Water Smart"

      Below are links to some neighboring communities and what they are doing to conserve on water and other helpful links about water conservation: