Consumer Confidence Reports

Water Quality Information

Brushy Creek has two sources of raw water that is treated for public consumption and use. Our primary source of water is Lake Georgetown and our secondary source is ground water from a well field located off Sam Bass Road.

All District raw water is treated by a state of the art microfiltration plant. Water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane that filters the water before it is sent into the distribution system. This membrane will filter out particles that are too small for the human eye to see, providing a safe, clear, sparkling water that is then treated and sent to the customer.

“Brushy Creek Superior Water” signs located at each entrance to the District reflect a designation given to water systems that meet criteria set up by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). These criteria include: number of water employees, physical condition of the treatment facility, bacteriological testing over a 24 month period, primary water quality standards, chemical quality of the water, capacity standards, and operating standards. All of these standards must be met on a continuing basis. If the criteria are not met on an annual basis, TCEQ will request removal of the signs. District staff works hard to provide its residents with a “Superior Water” designation.

After major rain events you may find discolored water in your home. The colors can range from yellow to black with an occasional blue. These color changes can be alarming, but they do not pose a health threat. District staff monitors water quality on a daily basis to make sure that it is safe.

Should you experience discolored water, the following information will assist staff in determining the source of the problem:

1. What is the location on the premises where the discolored water occurred?
2. When was the discolored water detected? How long has it been discolored?
3. Did you see any work crews in the area or a fire hydrant being used?
4. What does the water look like?
5. Are both the hot and cold water discolored? Check individually.
6. Does the water look milky or contain air?
7. If fixtures or laundry have become stained, what is the color of the stain?

If you do have an occurrence of discolored water, check the water on a regular basis by running the water every hour for two to three minutes. Even if the water clears up, notify Customer Service of the problem. This will allow District staff to keep record of these incidents and help curtail them in the future. Customer Service may be reached at 512-255-7871 x1.