Request Water Consumption Data Log

The District has implemented an automated water meter reading (AMR) technology for all new construction within the District and is in the process of converting all water meters on existing homes to the AMR meters.  The primary goals of this program are to more accurately account for all water consumption in the District and to more quickly detect and eliminate water leaks.  The AMR meters store hourly consumption history for up to 90 days and provide the District with the ability to produce consumption logs for individual meters that can identify potential leaks and help our customers identify potential problems by pinpointing how much water they are using on specific days and specific times.

Individual property owners may request a consumption data log for their water meter if they have an AMR meter already installed.  To determine if you have an AMR meter, you may either locate and look at your water meter or call our Customer Service office at 255-7871 option 2.  If you locate and look at your meter, it should look similar to the picture above.  Follow this link to view a sample consumption data log.

To request a consumption data log, please complete and submit the form below.  Your request will be forwarded to our Customer Service department who will schedule one of our Utility Operators to retrieve the data from your meter.  Once the data is retrieved, you will be contacted to let you know the log is available.  It typically takes five business days from the date of the request to complete the process. 

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