Bringing Brushy Creek to Life Photo Contest


  • Photos must be taken within the Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District
  • Entries will only be accepted from residents of Brushy Creek and members of the Community Center
  • There are three age categories – youth (under 18), adult (18 -59), and senior (60 & older)
  • Photos do not need to be in color but must be in .jpg format with a minimum of 150dpi
  • Entries must be appropriate
  • Photos may have been taken in the past two years
  • Entries may be submitted for more than one category
  • Only one photo per category will be accepted per entrant
  • A detailed description of where and when the picture was taken as well as all contact information should be clearly stated in submission e-mail
  • All photos featuring people must be submitted along with signed photo releases
  • Indicate in your submission e-mail the category for which you are submitting
  • Entries must be submitted no later than March 1st  for the Fall/Winter Contest & September 1st for the Spring/Summer Contest