Park Lighting Projects

At the January 2014 meeting, the Board approved entering into a contract with Halff Engineering for purposes of evaluating lighting and electrical additions at Pepper Rock, Cat Hollow, and Community Parks. This project will allow for increased safety as well extended programming opportunities in the parks. The District is mindful of the impact of lighting on surrounding residents’ homes. Both the height of poles and type of lights were considered in order to minimize light spill on surrounding homes. Lighting around sport courts (basketball and volleyball courts) is limited to park hours and will be shut off when the park closes each night. The sports field at Community Park will only be lit when the District is holding its leagues or practices.  Trail, pavilion, and restroom lighting will remain on from dusk to dawn.


The District solicited bids on this project in October 2014.  Southwest Corporation was selected to install the park lighting.  This project began in November 2014. 


Project Cost $ 750,000


Listed below are the details on the lighting projects for each respective park:

Pepper Rock Park

Pepper Rock Park lighting improvements were focused on the basketball court, trail, restroom building, and pavilion. Two poles with a total of four lights directed onto the basketball court were added. Interior and exterior lighting was added to the restroom building to increase usability and the security of the facility. Trail lighting was added along the main sidewalk through the park increasing visibility and adding an elevated level of safety.  At the pavilion, the existing flood lighting was replaced with LED lighting consistent with trail lighting. Louvers were installed to redirect some of the light away from nearby homes.

Cat Hollow Park

Cat Hollow Park lighting improvements have been made to the basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts; sidewalk, pavilion, and playscape. The sport court lighting includes the addition of light poles to illuminate each respective court.  The addition of trail lighting along the main sidewalk will increase visibility at night and will increase safety. Existing features at the playscape have been replaced with LED lighting consistent with trail lighting. Lighting was also added to the pavilion next to the playscape.

Community Park 

Community Park lighting improvements were focused on the sports field, volleyball court, restroom building, and parking lot behind the fire station have been completed. The sports field and volleyball court lighting included the addition of poles and lights to allow for increased programming opportunities. The restroom now has additional interior and exterior lighting to increase safety and reduce vandalism. Light poles, similar to those in the Community Center parking lot, were added to the parking lot behind the fire station.

Additional Information Regarding Lighting

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