District Fencing Removal and Replacement Project

The District's Board of Directors has approved Staff's project concept plans and work plans for the replacement of various fences throughout the District.  Staff sought  pricing proposals from qualified vendors to provide the removal of existing specified fences and the installation of specified replacement fences and Hill Country Fence was selected.  This project began at the end of February 2014 and is now complete. 

The locations of the fences that were removed and replaced are:

  •  Brushy Creek Community Center Bat Observation Deck
    • The existing deck consisted of a wooden platform with wooden pickets as a railing.  The wooden pickets were a regular target for vandals, primarily kicking them out.  The District replaced the wooden pickets with a 4-foot tall, squared metal (wrought iron) railing, powder coated black.
  • Creekside Park and Pool
    • The old fencing at the pool was a 6-foot tall chain link topped with barbed wire.  This fence was in bad shape and was not consistent with other fencing styles in the District.  In addition, the chain link and barbed wire was not successful at keeping out vandals and trespassers.  The District removed the old chain link fencing and replaced it with a 7-foot tall ornamental fence with press point pickets, all galvanized and powder coated black.
  • The Barricade at Great Oaks Drive at Neenah Road
    • There was a barricade at the end of Neenah Road facing the Community Park.  The design of the barricade was comparable to a barricade that would have been installed during construction.  It appeared dated and was obviously in contrast to the other fences and barricades installed in the District.  This barricade was approximately 80 feet long and ran along Great Oaks Drive above a deep culvert in the Community Park.  This old barricade was removed and replaced with a metal piping fence, powder coated black in color.