Community Center Landscaping Project

In April of FY13, the Board entered into an agreement with Russ Bragg, a landscape architect, to design a new entrance to the Community Center.  The materials needed for this project were budgeted in Parks Maintenance for FY14. 

Highlights of the project include the following:

  • The addition of natural limestone blocks as seating elements in front of the Community Center entrance (Deep root invigoration of live oak trees was performed before the large limestone blocks were set);
  • Crushed granite trails near the entrance, matching foot traffic, were installed.
  • Existing roses and bushes were trimmed back, some roses were reduced and replaced  with ornamental grasses to provide multiple season color and textures;
  • The addition of a landscape feature that is consistent in all Community Center landscape areas;
  • The addition of an additional shade tree to the right of the Community Center entrance;
  • The addition of a dry creek bed feature from the downspout at the entrance to the Community Center.

To view the design plan, click HERE.