2012-2022 Parks and Open Space Master Plan

In the spring of 2011 the Board of Directors began the process of developing a new Parks and Open Space Master Plan for the years 2012-2022.  The Board of Directors wanted the plan to be a reflection of community values, to identify existing and potential future resources that could be used to implement the plan, develop standards and a process to measure the effectiveness of the plan.  In order to accomplish these objectives, the Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District (District) Board of Directors appointed a Park and Open Space Master Plan Advisory Committee ("Committee") which represented various neighborhoods and interests to assist the consultant in the development of the plan.  

The Committee met monthly and used a consensus based decision model in the development of the plan.  The Committee established goals, objectives and strategies to provide the vision for what the community wanted for its parks and recreation system. 

Staff is currently putting together a work plan to address the improvements identified in the Master Plan.  

Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan Project List (Rev 2017 09-28)