Brushy Creek BBQ Cook-Off & Family Festival
Saturday, May 2nd, 2015, from 12 to 6 pm

"What is a Cook-Off?" and other questions answered!

After the 2011 Cook-Off, the District sent out a satisfaction survey to residents. In that survey it was mentioned several times that some attendees did not understand the full concept behind a BBQ Cook-Off. The question that kept coming up was "Why are there 50 teams of cookers, but I can only get food from 5 of them?" To help explain what goes on with a Cook-Off, we wanted to include a little info section to help out.

The Brushy Creek Cook-Off is an IBCA (International BBQ Cookers Association) sanctioned event. Each of the 50 Cook-Off teams you see are competing in a competition against each other for bragging rights. These cookers are competing in 5 categories: Beans, Cook's Choice, Chicken, Ribs & Brisket. These teams spend many, many hours monitoring and preparing a plate of each type of meat to be submitted to the IBCA Head Judge. In the judging room these meat selections are tested by citizen judges.The highest scoring meats move on to the middle tables, and then to the final table to determine 1st to 10th place. So while it may look like there is a field full of people just sitting around enjoying music, they are actually prepping and painstakingly trying to turn in the perfect cut of meat.

At the vast majority of Cook-Offs, they do not provide "Cooker Cooked BBQ". In fact, at most Cook-Offs they do not even have attendees who aren't associated with a cooking team. Other, more visible Cook-Offs (such as rodeo cook-offs and our event), offer opportunities for attendees to have a fun day and mingle with the cookers. Food is often provided in one of two ways:

  1. A donation system where every cooker has samples in exchange for donations. This option is very expensive for cookers, is normally only done at Cook-Offs that are very high competition (such as rodeos and State competitions) and requires a food permit from every cook-off team.
  2. A competition (such as the 2011 People's Choice Competition) where you purchased plates, tried samples and voted for your favorite team. This does allow attendees to try several team's food, but costs each team a lot of money, time, and effort without a lot of payback.

While both of these seem fun, they are quite a headache and may not allow for enough food to feed the large crowd that attends the Brushy Creek Cook-Off.

For the 2015 Cook-off, we are seeking cookers who would like to vend food as well to the public. Each team participating as a vendor will be offering different options at their own price points and will be accepting money at their individual stations. Come prepared to try some delicious "Cooker Cooked BBQ" from these excellent teams. Teams will begin serving at 12:00 pm and will continue to serve until 6 pm or when they run out of food. Vendors can only accept cash, so please come prepared and with an empty tummy!


Still have questions? We are here to help! Come join us for the Cook-Off Kickoff Party on January 25th.  


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