Non-District Utility Customer Information

The District’s engineering consultants previously recommended replacement of water transmission lines within the Brushy Bend Subdivision in order to reduce maintenance costs, reduce water leaks, and improve water system volumes and pressures for residents. The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) approved a $2,425,000 loan to fund the waterline replacement project. The cost of paying the debt service on the loan would increase the monthly base rate for Brushy Bend residents to approximately $100. In response to concerns raised by a number of residents the Board authorized the sale of the Brushy Bend water system and Aqua Texas, Inc. was the only company that responded. Negotiations with Aqua Texas have been ongoing since February 2015.

The sale and conveyance of the public water system assets to Aqua will likely not be completed until next year (2016). At that time the District would furnish a wholesale water supply to Aqua so the quality of water will not change. The water rates charged by Aqua to Brushy Bend customers will be identical to the existing rates charged by the District and would be fixed for a number of years. Any future replacement of the water lines in Brushy Bend would be shared by thousands of Aqua customers and would not increase customer rates in the same way as would be if the District were to undertake the project.

Updates on the completion of the sale will be provided. Questions may be forwarded to:, or call (512) 255-7871 option 1.
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